Alchemy of Souls Season 2: 10 Episode Sequel Confirmed!

As Alchemy of Souls returns after a short hiatus, fans are thrilled to hear that season 2 has already begun filming in South Korea.

With the end of Extraordinary Attorney Woo this week, Alchemy of Souls may now stand alone atop the K-drama community.

The hit series has gained extraordinary success with both domestic audiences in South Korea and internationally, where two weekly episodes are available on Netflix.

Alchemy of Souls returned this weekend following a short quality control break, but with only three episodes left, fans are overjoyed to know that season 2 has already been greenlit – and has even begun production.


Alchemy of Souls took a sudden break last week, leaving both domestic audiences in South Korea and overseas viewers via Netflix to wait for episode 17.

According to a statement from the production team via Soompi, the reason was “to improve the level of completion for the second half.”

The hit K-drama, thankfully, returned for its 17th episode earlier today, August 20th, with episode 18 due to air tomorrow, August 21st.

Following tomorrow’s airing, the Korean series will have only one week remaining before the season finale – but there is already some exciting news about season 2!


Naver News stated on June 14th, four days before the series premiered, that Alchemy of Souls would be broadcast in two parts: season 1 with 20 episodes and season 2 with 10 episodes.

“When drafting the script for the first time, there are numerous storylines, the plot is engaging, and there are sharp conflicts and diverse stories about relationships and stories about each family,” director Park Joon-hwa was quoted as saying. I didn’t have time to enjoy the tiki-taka.”

“There are so many changes and variations in our narrative, so I thought I wanted to put a human story in it. I’m still writing the script for part 2, but it’s in progress. A story that can be contained. It was more difficult than I thought to put the narrative and relationship story in 20 parts, so I made the decision early on.” – Park Joon-hwa, via Naver News.

Filming for the second half of the Alchemy of Souls K-drama reportedly began in early July, but there is no information on when production will conclude.

However, according to a recent Naver News blog article, “the production team aims to air the 20 episodes till the 28th, and then bundle the remaining 10 episodes towards the end of the year and air them as part 2.”


Fans in South Korea and throughout the world have reacted positively to Alchemy of Souls.

Domestically, the series was the most-watched show in its programming block (both nationally and in Seoul) for the duration of its run, with episode 16 getting an impressive 1.926 million viewers.

Internationally, the K-drama has received high marks on a variety of user-generated feedback platforms. These include a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, an 8.6/10 rating on IMDB, a 9/10 rating on MyDramaList, and a 90% rating on AsianWiki.

“Reminiscent of the k-drama Crash Landing on You, in that it’s a love story with charming and very competent actors. I’m sure I’m missing some relevant cultural context, but I find this series, through the first eight available episodes, thoroughly enjoyable, a needed escape. Accolades to the director who allows the actors to showcase both their individual charisma, and their chemistry with each other as they glide seemingly effortlessly through this light hearted escape.” – IMDB.

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