If You Wish Upon Me Episode 7 Release Date: A Confession To Make! Recap & More!

If You Wish Upon Me is a drama that one will want to watch again and again. Though it is not an easy drama to watch due to the emotional edges of the plot, it heals you at the same time. People at the hospice want to help fulfill the last wishes of those with very little time left. It makes us realize how valuable life is and how tiny pleasures, such as sharing Yeom Soon Ja’s meal, may bring us immense joy. If You Wish Upon Me gives us a reality check while also making us feel at ease. Among many others, one scene from the show stands out: Gyeo Ree asking Seo Yeon Joo about her happiness. Her response was to work out, continue working as a hospice nurse, eat and talk with friends, and wonder what could make the man who asked about her happiness laugh even harder.

Ji Chang Wook and Choi Soo Young both excel in their roles. Gyeo Ree may appear blunt at first glance as someone whose life has been nothing but full of scars, but with time, you will notice the kindness of his heart. He cares about the patients at the hospice, despite his limited communication skills. In addition, the blossoming romance between Gyeo Ree and Yeon Joo is something to look forward to. If you haven’t begun watching the drama yet, now is the time to do so.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 7: What Will Be The Plot?

Yoon Gyeo Ree ponders why Mr. Kang has been lying to him all this time. He was pretending to be injured by using crutches. To find out why he was doing all of this, watch the upcoming episodes of If You Wish Upon Me.

Meanwhile, Kwak Hyun Jin got in a car accident while crossing the road. The driver didn’t even react and drove away, leaving him bleeding. When he arrived at the hospice, Seo Jin vowed to take revenge. She told Mr. Kang that, despite his severe state, Hyun Jin would survive. Seo Jin was also treated as an outsider at school, and Gyeo Ree swore to assist her. He, too, was bullied throughout his childhood, just like she was. How the elders treated him.

Meanwhile, Seo Jin attended Ji Woo’s classes and confessed in a video call to Mr. Han Dong Wook how his actions affected not just her life but also his daughter’s. Seo Jin wanted to convince Ji Woo that it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t have to feel bad about it.

Later, in the hospice, Seo Jin disclosed to Mr. Kang that the revenge was not Hyun Jin’s wish, but rather hers. Even in his serious situation, he checked to see if the other person was okay. Fortunately, he recovered consciousness, and everything returned to normal. Though a lot of Gyeo Ree seems to be under wraps, and all the revelations are for upcoming episodes.

Where To Watch If You Wish Upon Me is Episode 7?

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 7 will air on KBS2 ViuTV, the show’s original broadcasting network. The drama is available to foreign audiences on Wavve and the Rakuten Viki app. To access this dram on Rakuten Viki, you must first purchase the Standard Viki pass.

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