Never Give Up Korean Drama Cast, Plot, and More

“Never Give Up” is a comedy-drama about a relationship between the owner of a chicken shop without a home and a businessman who wants to start a business but has the no money.

As the series already has a significant fan base, and many are curious about the Never Give Up Cast, the Never Give Up Cast is becoming a topic of conversation among fans.

This article looks at the Never Give Up Cast.

Never Give Up Quick Info

Never Give Up season 1

Never Give Up Korean Drama Plot
  • Season: Never Give Up
  • Total Season: 1
  • Total Episode: 16
  • Status: Season 2 (Upcoming)
  • Writer: Son Geun Joo, Lee Hae Ri
  • Director: Choi Do Hoon
  • Genre: Comedy, Life, Drama
  • Production: Netflix
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Origin Language: Korean
  • Available languages: Korean, English, French, & More
  • First Episode Aired: May 4 2022 (Season 1 EP01)
  • Next Season Release Date: TBA
  • Available On: Netfilx

Never Give Up

The Korean drama Never Give Up was directed by Choi Do Hoon. It’s a comedy life drama about two men, Gu Pil-Su (over 40) and Jung Suk (over 20). Gu Pil-Su is a former boxer who was named best rookie. Then he worked at numerous occupations, such as running an underwear business, being a salesman, and having credit problems. He now manages a small pub in his fifties.

He is married, and the couple has a son. He was willing to go to any length for his wife and son. He continues to wish for success in life. Jung Suk is fantastic. He grew up in a provincial city with his destitute parents. Despite this, he was admitted to Seoul’s most prestigious university. He feels that starting a business is the only way to achieve success.

Never Give Up Korean Drama Plot

The show showcases a one-of-a-kind bromance between two men in their twenties and forties. Trying to organize one’s life with a job, college, and employment. The drama will show relatable stories, such as recent social and educational challenges, as well as employment and startup battles. The other has already achieved the summit of his life and is looking for a new beginning.

Gu Pil-Su develops a special bond with Jung Suk, and the two embark on a journey to better comprehend the challenges of daily life. Simultaneously, it will produce a pleasant humorous drama that everyone can connect to and enjoy while building generational togetherness.

Never Give Up Cast

Never Give Up Cast

Yoon Doo Joon as Jung Seok

Yoon Doo Joon

Yoon Doo Joon is a South Korean Idol rapper, dancer, singer, and CEO. He is currently a member of the Kpop band HIGHLIGHT. In the MBC sitcoms “More Charming by the Day” and “All My Love,” he made his acting debut. He got multiple awards, including the MBC Rookie Comedy Award in 2010. He is the company’s current CEO. Doo Joon was also a member of the Korean boy band Beast and served as its leader and lead vocalist. Eventually, he joined HIGHLIGHT. Jung Seok, the main character in Never Give Up, is played by Doo Joon.

Kwak Do Won  as Goo Pil Soo

Kwak Do Won

Kwak Doo Won is a South Korean actor. He began his professional career as a theatre artist in 1999. “Discovery of the Speech: Good Years” was the title of his TV drama (2008). Actor in a Drama Special, Special Acting Award, Korea Drama Awards, and other honors are among his many. He has a significant role in the drama Never Give Up. He plays the character Goo Pil Soo.

Han Go Eun as Nam Se Mi

Han Go Eun

Han Go Eun is a South Korean model and actress. In the 1998 film City of the Rising Sun, she made her acting debut. She was the winner of The Super Elite Mode Contest in 1995. She was mocked early in her career for her awful acting, but her performance in “More Beautiful than a Flower, Love an Ambition” earned her praise. In Never Give Up, she plays Nam Se Mi, the drama’s female heroine.

Park Won-Suk as Cheon Man-Geum

Park Won-Suk

Cheon ManKeum is a mysterious character who becomes involved in a shady relationship after receiving unexpected aid.

Jung Dong-Won as Gu Jun-Pyo

Jung Dong-Won

Goo JoonPyo, the son of Goo PilSoo and Nam SeongMi, is head over heels in love with Anna. Anna is a troubled seventh-grader and aspiring rapper.

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