Work Later, Drink Now Season 2: Yoon Shi Yoon Joins Drama

Work Later, Drink Now is a drama that you will not want to miss. The drama initially appears to be a light watch, but with the addition of more episodes, the drama begins to reveal its complexities. It delves into issues such as depression, patriarchy, and harassment. Work Later, Drink Now is packed of content and provides justice to every minute it offers, despite its relatively short duration in comparison to what Kdramas serve us.

There is a lot to look forward to with the start of Season 2. Because the cast will be returning for their roles, along with some new faces, we will be able to watch their incredible friendship once more, this time to discover what else it has to give. Keep a look out for the upcoming season, and if you haven’t seen the previous season yet, now is the time to do so.

Work Later, Drink Now Season 2: Yoon Shi Yoon Joins The Drama

In Work Later, Drink Now Season 2 Yoon Shi Yoon is the new member of the crew.

Yoon Shi Yoon

The audience is excited about his upcoming role. Although he had made appearances in the first season, it was only as a cameo. In season 1, he was introduced as Mr. Nice Paper. Season 2 will feature Ji Goo and his chemistry.

The story revolves around three female characters, each with their own personality and perspective on life, but the one thing that unites them is a glass of soju. (Though a glass will not be enough for them.) At the end of the day, a glass of soju can solve all of their troubles. Work later, drink Now is a theme we’ve all seen in Kdramas, but it’s how it’s presented that makes it apart. The female leads are amusing and fascinating, and all of their personalities are brilliantly written.

Cast Of Work Later, Drink Now Drama

Work Now, Drink Later

Lee Sun Bin, who plays Ahn So Hee, works for a drama production firm as a writer. Kang Ji Gu and Han Ji Yeon are two of her buddies. So Hee was romantically involved with Buk Gu. Though her relationship with Buk Gu did not immediately click, they started to click off over time. Su Bin has appeared in a number of projects over the course of her career, including The Princess and the Matchmaker, Mission: Possible, Air Murder, Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist, Squad 38, The Dramatization Has Already Begun, Criminal Minds, Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation, and The Uncanny Counter.

Han Sun Hwa plays Han Ji Yeong, a yoga instructor who made him swoon over with her charms. Sun Hwa has appeared in a number of projects, including Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek, All My Love, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Marriage, Not Dating, Rosy Lovers, My Contracted Husband, Mr. Oh, School 2017, 20th Century Boy and Girl, Backstreet Rookie, and Undercover.

Kang Ji Goo, played by Jeong Eun Ji, is a tomboyish YouTuber. One of her favorite drinks is lukewarm soju. Eun Ji made her debut in the popular series Reply 1997. Other projects she has worked on include Blind (upcoming drama), Work Later, Drink Now Season 2 (she will rerelease her role alongside the other leads), Untouchable, Reply 1997, That Winter, The Wind Blows, Trot Lovers, and Apink Special Movie: Horn, among others, as well as TV shows such as The Second World, Kyung Ah Yoona’s Brunch Talk, Work Later, Hike Now, Melon Music Cafe, Story of the Day When You Bite Your Tail, Soo Mi

Kang Buk Gu, played by Choi Si Won, is the producer of a variety show. Si Won has appeared in films such as Billion Dollar Heir, My Fellow Citizens!, Revolutionary Love, The King of Dramas, Athena: Goddess of War, Legend of Hyang Dan, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, and A Battle of Wits.

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